A Week from Above on the Bukit

The 2013 dry season season in Indonesia hasn't been one for the record books. What was supposedly prime swell season has predominantly seen small swells lapping the Bukit reefs and surfers swelling their Kuta bar tabs.

Then there was last week. Day after day of overhead waves – as if the season's bounty had been stuck in the U-bend and someone had finally got around to unplugging the pipe. "This last swell was the longest stretch of waves we've had in 2013." Said our man on the ground "Every spot was working, the waves were so good everywhere. Bali is chock-full of surfers from around the world ready to sacrifice their day in search of the right spot. Thankfully this week they had a plethora of options, at many spots you could count the surfers on one hand. A rarity indeed.

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Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley