A Year With Paul

PAUL Morgan had a big year pushing the paddle agenda, Hawaii to Mavericks before pioneer paddling a Western Australian bombie.

Fergal Smith gets in contact to tell us we should be checking this guy out. "This is what you call pushing paddle surfing" he says. Sure enough he was right.

"I started my year in Hawaii" Paul tells us. "That was a huge push-on in my paddle surfing. Brett Burcher and I had a fun season paddling the outer reefs without too many people, it was there we decided to go home and focus on paddling some of the big slabs in Oz which we would usually tow. A lot of the big stuff in the movie is Cow Bommie in WA, in what was the first paddle session attempted out there.

"It was challenging, Australia, has a lot of waves which are just too thick to paddle but at the same time I felt my surfing was getting a push and felt a satisfaction tI hadn't had in years with towing so I'm hooked. No looking back now."

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley