GALLERY: The Nazare World Record Hopefuls from This Season

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At least three waves from Nazare this season are being critically analysed to see if they're in with a shot of breaking the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed. While here at MSW HQ we're sceptical that they actually will, we thought now's the time to take a closer peep at the contenders and run down some of the tallest, heaviest waves surfed there over the past few months.

Remember Mason Barnes' entry from that October session? We understand that's been submitted up tp the Guinness World Record chiefs for consideration, as well as an attempt from 18-year-old Tony Laureano from the same session. Then, last week, a paddle wave by Vinicius dos Santos was submitted from a day back in February. But do any of these pip Rodrigo Koxa's stunning 80 footer from 2017? Let's examine.

Live cam: Nazare

Tony Laureano – Oct 29 2020 (submitted as a world record contender)

Tony Laureano was towed in to this monster by his father, Ramon Laureano. "It wasn't even supposed to be mine,” he said. “I had just fallen, and it was my father who, seeing that another surfer had cancelled on the wave, asked me 'Do you want to go?', I just said, 'let´s go'. I had no idea that the wave had been so big, but when all the jetski rescuers and supporters on the beach started clapping and screaming, I realised it wasn't just another wave.” Does this do it for you?

Mason Barnes – Oct 29 2020 (submitted as a world record contender)

“Luckily, I didn’t have too much time to think. I grabbed the rope and 20 seconds later, this giant lump of water popped up right in front of us,” says Mason. “When I first saw it, I could tell that it was something special. It looked giant and came in at what’s called “Big Mama Peak.” Waves only break out there when they’re over 70 feet. This was a very, very rare wave and I knew it. Ironically, because of my wipe out, I was in perfect position to catch it. Garrett asked me if I wanted it and when I said yes, he started to tow me into this beast. He was screaming, “go left!” I was angling to go left, but as the wave got closer to the cliff, it started to close out, and I angled back to the right. Instead of being on the shoulder, I was right in the centre of the peak.” See more from Mason HERE.

Vinicius dos Santos – Feb 2021 (submitted as a world record contender)

© 2021 - Hannah Durr.

It's rare we get a paddle wave from Nazare. With all the skis zooming about, those waves perfect for shoulder power alone are few and far between. Vinicius dos Santos picked off one amongst the masses back in Feb, and while it's not the tallest wave we've ever seen out there – it is a humongous wave to paddle.

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Best of the rest
Kai Lenny – Oct 29 2020

© 2021 - Helio Antonio.

As far we know, Sir Lenny's wave here hasn't been offered up to the world record gods as of yet. But it is certainly one of the biggest waves we saw at Nazare from the session of the season where Kai Lenny also did very good other Kai Lenny things, like landing airs off a 50ft wave.

Forecast: Nazare

Justine Dupont – October 29 2020

© 2021 - Helio Antonio.

Justine has been crushing it at Nazare for years now, each season something ups its game from the French woman, sitting deeper, drawing some crazy lines. Remember Justine's barrel at Jaws earlier in the season too? One of the greatest barrels seen out there and something that Dupont attributed to all the training and mental prep she's been doing at Nazare. What a season.

Andrew Cotton – Oct 29 2020

The one-time holder of the accolade, biggest wave ever surfed, Cotty is a perennial standout when it comes to XXL Nazare. And right here, you can see why. Won't be long until this UK-born legend is throwing in to be the contender for another world record attempt – and even if he doesn't, everyone always sits up when Cotty lets go of the rope.

Sebastian Steudtner – October 29 2020

© 2021 - Helio Antonio.

We're still convinced that Sebastian's Jan 2018 wave was one of the tallest ever ridden at Nazare. In fact, there was a whole debacle about it back then, where Sebastian's wave was being shown as the biggest ever but wrongly accredited as Koxa's. Steve-O from Jackass fame even weighed in and then apologised to Steudtner for sharing the vid and aiding in the mix up. Anyway, Sebastian's another standout – prolific, calculated and always frothing. Here's what we believe is his tallest of the season.

Lucas Chumbo – October 29 2020

© 2021 - Helio Antonio.

Seeing a pattern here? This October session really was all-time and even though there was a lockdown at Nazare, nothing came close to the size of this day. Chumbo partnered with Kai Lenny and as you'd expect, these gents went off.

Bonus! The biggest wave that went unridden

© 2021 - Helio Antonio.

You can't surf after 1pm at Nazare on the weekend due to local restrictions. And the only session that could have topped October's harrowing figures actually happened last week – but no one was allowed on it. If they were, this might have been one of the biggest of this weird winter in Nazare.

We'll continue to update this article as more waves are submitted.