Annual BWRAG Surf Safety Summit Comes to Ireland

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An annual surf safety summit is taking place in Ireland next weekend, led by big wave charger and founder of the Irish Tow Surf Rescue crew, Peter Conroy along with Danilo Couto.

The BWRAG (Big Wave Risk Assessment Group) summit is set for March 24-25 at Whitestrand Lifeguard Station in Co.Clare. A whole range of safety training will be delivered as well as talks about what to do when it all goes wrong.

Peter said: “This weekend is for anyone in the water. Big wave surfer, small wave surfer, lifeguard. It's about teaching techniques that can be used in a variety of situations.

“From rescue helicopter familiarization to CPR, defib and medical interventions that will help save a life in the future. Lifeguard skills will also be taught and hands on work on the jetskis and water equipment.

“The point of this course it to get all people up to speed on risk management and hazard identification in surf conditions. Danilo and myself have more than 50 years of big wave surfing between us, and many many incidents dealt with and we want to see is everyone enjoy the sport we love and come home safe everyday from every session.

“We will also be doing a round table discussion on the breaks of Ireland and the UK to see where we can improve safety with medical boxes and rescue boxes, the same as the Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club has put in along the West Coast of Ireland.”

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Cover shot: Empty Mullaghmore from Tim Borrow.