Another Day, Another Case of Airlines vs Surfers

Jason Lock

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Updated 74d ago

Another airline/surf travel drama just in. This time, it's California's Jake Marshall who is the recipient of five freshly snapped boards courtesy of TAP Portugal.

At 17-years-old, Jake's currently grinding the QS. You'll remember a few weeks back, big wave hellman Natxo Gonzalez's quiver was decimated by Iberia, while chasing a swell for Chile.

Jake says via Insty: "Thank you @tapportugal for completely destroying 5 of my boards. It baffles me that I have to pay 150$ to get my surfboards on the plane and they get treated like this."

It's the latest in a string of airlines vs surfers. The most viral of which was Alex Gray, who called out American Airlines after his boards were returned in various pieces. We've all had to pay extortionate charges for our prized whips to be loaded on a plane, leaving them at the whim of handlers etc. But to then have your quiver obliterated is horrendous. TAP has reached out to Jake to try and make amends. And can you imagine? $150 for the pleasure.