Anthony Walsh and Friends' POV in Heaving Mentawai Kegs

Jason Lock

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Anthony Walsh is one of the greatest rippers around. And when a swell blips into existence that'll set the Mentawais off, you can bet he's already booked a ticket.

Walshy spent a few days on board The Perfect Wave's Oasis cgarter alongside Jay Brown and Darcy De Clouett, attempting to escape that damn poor winter for Oz's easy coast. Six weeks of nothing over 3-4ft and successive weeks of calm waters through August is enough to send anyone slightly insane.

Bored with Bate Bay,  young Cronulla goofyfooter Jay Brown (who is currently sitting in 11th position on the WSL JQS Australasia/Oceana rankings) and his styling free surfing buddy De Clouett turned their sights on Indo, as Walshy hosted a unique charter mentoring, photographing and surfing with guests.

“We hooked straight into a swell at the beginning of the 11 night charter,” says Ian. “In between pulses and after the swells we had good waves everyday except one where we were anchored out of the storm in the right spot for the next one.

“We Surfed epic Lances Left,  HT’s, Greenbush, Macca’s and a couple of more secretive spots too minus peeps. The best of the best sessions were at Greenbush and HT’s and one particular secret hectic set up was pumping too.

“I particularly found it cool helping the younger crew with knowledge of the spots and where to sit and giving tips.”
Jay Brown added: “That Walshy trip was my first visit to the Mentawais and it will certainly not be my last. I was mentally prepared for a pretty awesome surf trip and location, but the Mentawais offers so much to a surfer and it was just heaven.

"The charter crew were epic, everybody went so hard and surfed all day! We were calling each other into barrels and cheering everybody on. At night we would watch the sunset and look over the footage from the days surfing madness."