Atlantic Doris Meets Morocco

Ben Freeston

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Another giant black blob approaching Europe and another chance for those who chase giant waves to have an opportunity to strike. The question is so rarely about the swell, rather the winds are almost always the main topic of conversation at this stage. In this case we're pointed past the most obvious European big wave spots and to the North African coast. Potentially the only area to fall far enough to the south of the incoming chaos to offer giant swell with contestable winds.

As storm Doris freight trains along the fortieth parallel you might be forgiven for feeling it's a little further south than is typical. Certainly it's not unusual for Ireland to be the catching mitt for anything that America chooses to lob across the Atlantic, but neither is this track, or even this intensity, entirely out of the ordinary. Portugal is well used to the occasional direct hit and dodging them is more often the challenge when finding giant waves there. None the less this is a heavy weight - with predicted winds up to 77 mph steady and swell of over 52ft at peak.

Portugal will be chaos with numbers pushing 25ft@20 at peak with onshore winds. There's still plenty of variation in the detail but offshore winds aren't in the mix on any of the latest model variants. This problem could run all the way down the coast to the Algarve.

Northern Spain is a touch more interesting. The exact track of the eye of the storm dictating the wind window as it peaks. Whichever direction it blows the likelihood is for disruptively strong winds, but with the BWWT qualifying event at Punta Galea still to run there'll be a focus on the detail over the next couple of days.

Ireland's giant point break at Mullaghmore is direction sensitive. Winds are likely contestable here and, for once, it's a lack of raw size that makes things less interesting.

Surf forecast for Safi, Morocco. There's room for the details to change but this is a forecast more than worth keeping an eye on!

Surf forecast for Safi, Morocco. There's room for the details to change but this is a forecast more than worth keeping an eye on!

Morocco, however, looks more than exciting. In this case the swell will likely focus its energy to the North. Safi, for example, forecast to see almost twice the swell of Anchor point. For both locations it's likely unmanageable, but there are other options and these might very well be the pick of this one.

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