Azores Pro Enters Waiting Period

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A crucial fifth stop on the ASP Prime series in 2013, the SATA Airlines Azores Pro will play a vital role for surfers chasing the dream of a World Championship Tour qualification. Scheduled from September 3-8, the event will benefit from a favourable window of both good swells and great end of summer weather in the dreamy archipelago.

At present, there are two Europeans, Aritz Aranburu and Marc Lacomare, with a real chance to qualify for the top 34 next year. With just two Prime events in Europe, the pair will be looking to make the most of the slight home court advantage.

Last year’s edition of the Azorean event witnessed perfect pumping surf for the finals which crowned Brazil’s Messias Felix, king of the Azores. The official Magicseaweed forecast for this year looks modest at present:

“Our latest model data shows a high pressure system moving across the Atlantic Ocean this week, from the Labrador Sea to Europe. The presence of this system is preventing the development of the low pressure systems that normally start to send solid swells to Azores around this time of the year. As the system moves away across the Atlantic we should start to see an improvement in the conditions and some contestable waves on the Azorean reefs, which are capable of making the very best of available swell. After a slow start the first few days we expect improving conditions as we move on into the waiting period.”

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