Back to the Future in the Kandui Playgrounds

The connection between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean is something you will not find anywhere else in this world. Floating around in a small canoe off the northwest portion of Indonesia, I'm constantly pondering this phenomenon. With some of the world's strongest storms rounding the Cape of Good Hope and having some 6000 miles of unhindered travel, it's almost like our creator, be he a man in flowing robes or a byproduct of some abstract quantum expansion, someone had surfing in mind.

I mean what are the chances? Having just over 18,000 islands, a conveyor belt of constant swell and an endless supply of dreamlike reefs, it's a creaky old cliché, but if a Disneyland for surfing exists, this archipelago would take the cake.

Lying just off the equator, the northwest portion of Sumatra is the heart of this Disneyland. Blessed with light and variable winds and an abundance of small islands to greet this conveyor belt of swell, this region has, and continues to, blow minds. With the first swell of 2014 gracing these reefs this week, we look back to the future. At what was in 2013, and what will be again.

–Justis St John