Back Yard Boards (BYB) Respect Surfboard Tracker Product

BYB Back Yard Boards are currently building its global shaper network.

With a lot of things coming up from BYB Music events, Surf trips, Videos, Back Yard Babes, our BYB clothing range and of coarse our very own BYB surfboards you can be sure our BYB's wont be found flying out of some Eastern Asia sausage factory.

All our boards are produced by ethical means using some of the best professional shapers on the planet.

With much to do, we want to make sure that all our BYB customers can really identify and be sure about their BYB product.

With SBT - Surfboard-Tracker installed in all our boards, not only can you register your BYB to yourself, for protection against theft you can actually go on to insure your BYB as an option for world travel or just your local break, completely covered up,

The BYB, Surfboard Tracker System also guarantees everything about your board, the quality, its components, foam, fins, leash plug, cloth, artwork , along with confirmation of the factory shaper where and when it was made,

SBT is a revolutionary system and in its short time has already been taken up by a multitude of shapers around the world protecting real surfboard manufacturers and surfers.

SBT recently went through the full wrath of the online "Surfline Gear Product Trial" and passed with flying colours and even more is the only actual product to been endorsed by the ISA - International Surfing Association.

With our TEAM of great shapers and surfers appreciating what the system SBT does. SBT can only be good for our products and surfers who ride BYB's.

Remember, If it ain't SBT'd, it's not BYB.