Bang Tidy Snapper

SNAPPER rocks, scene of a last minute execution as swell and performance dovetail sweetly towards the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast's closing act.

In deciding who would make the quarterfinals the pro saw more action than Berlusconi's bunga room. Highest heat total of the event saw Taj Burrow surfing with wild abandon squeak past De Souza. Taj the 2nd (he's stopped surfing conservatively) looks unstoppable if he can continue surfing like a razor-blade on acid.

Booking their places through the Round 4 expression session reads like a 'who's who' of precocious tour whipsnappery: Dusty Payne, Matty Wilkinson, Brett Simpson and Alejo Muniz.

Relegating a bunch of big names to the Round 5 do-or-die duel where Kelly Slater just nicked it from Ace Buchan. Tiago Pires squeaked through against Michel Bouez and finally Jordy Smith who narrowly defeated Joel Parkinson in the dying seconds.