Bantham Beach Up For Sale & The National Trust Need Your Help


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Bantham Beach is on the market and the National Trust want your help to buy and protect this limited resource. The Trust can invest more than £4m but need to raise a further £2.6m in donations to meet the asking price.

The Trust have written a lovely blurb about the beach here and you can donate here. Donating has a dual purpose of both helping with the purchase cost and letting them know how much interest there is in stopping this rare gem falling into unknown private developer hands.

MSW HQ is located just over the hill from this sand bottomed barreling righthand rivermouth and slightly closer to the quality lefts and rights which peel into the rip. Of course there is a chance that any private buyer will cause no harm at all to this idyllic location. But there is also an unknown chance that they will attempt to maximise revenue from a beach whose commercialism maxes out at a van hiring surfboards and another selling posh grub.

Get involved.