Barbados Championship Series - Adults Event #1

February 21, 2011

SOUP BOWL, BATHSHEBA, BARBADOS (Saturday February 19th, 2011)- Stefan Corbin, Chelsea Tuach, Daniel
Edghill, Andrew Rapson, Simon Coles, and Nick Gornall took top honors at the 1st event in the Barbados
Championship Series, each beating out their rivals in extreme surf conditions.

Ten-foot waves presented dangerous conditions for the competitors who despite the risk were eager to paddle out.
Head Surf Judge, Nicholas Donawa, described the waves as "world class standards for world class surfers" and said
his team of judges were eager to apply their own talents to the day's action.

The Men’s Open division finals presented the best environment for seasoned standouts Jordan Heaselgrave and
Stefan Corbin to impress the spectators with courageous barrel riding. Jordan started the final looking fully
committed with a monstrous wave, getting himself deep behind the curtain, and scoring one of the best results of
the contest. With only 5 minuets remaining in the heat, Stefan launched himself into what looked like a close out
tube, and made it. Stefan and Jordan were neck on neck and in the end only a decimal declared Stefan the winner.
With a flurry of trademark moves, Daniel Edghill placed 3rd.

In a previous heat Josh Galt, 14 years old, dropped oneof the biggest waves of the contest to secure himself his first appearance in a Men’s Open final. He finished 4th.

In the Open Women’s division, reigning champion Chelsea Roett and last years runner up Chelsea Tuach were the
only female surfers in Barbados willing to challenge the sizable waves. Chelsea Tuach performed flawless top to
bottom turns on massive 8-10 foot set waves dominating her way to a first place finish.

In the newly added Open Bodyboarding division, local riders Paul Larrier, Kwame Griffith, and Damien Larrier, took
center stage competing visiting Australian bodyboarding team from Rip Tide Magazine. Paul, a local hero whose
fluid free surfing has wowed many over the years, was heavily favored to challenge the Aussies. He launched an
impressive 6 foot inverted aerial in the final, but was unable to find a back-up score and finished 4th. Kwame
Griffith finished 2nd overall by taking off on a huge eight-foot wave and performing a massive air roll 360. In the
end professional rider, Nick Gornall from the land down under, turned on the heat and with supreme style and
creativity took home the top honors. Nick said "the Bodyboarders here are some of best he’s seen on this trip" and
he looks forward to returning someday.

In the Under 21 division Daniel Edghill, 15 years old, took 1st place with a barrage of powerful top turns finished
with aerial reverses on two beautiful overhead waves. Jordan Heaselgrave, 17 years old, finished 2nd after claiming
a signature Soup Bowl barrel. Chelsea Roett, 16 years old, performed exceptionally well in the sizable conditions eventually out-surfing many others in previous heats for a 3rd place finish in the finals. Josh Burke, 14 years old, a
locally recognized rising junior talent was a close 4th taking off on waves nearly three times his size.

Senior and Masters Divisions were also keenly fought. Andrew Rapson, the local surfboard shaper, took out Carlos
Wharton, Christopher Clarke and Bathsheba local Cory "Chicken" Scantlebury for the Senior final title. In the
Masters, Simon Coles bested Andrew Rapson in an intense 25 minutes of surfing. Congratulations must be given to
all for paddling out.

There were no long board entries.

The Barbados Surfing Association would like to thank the local Bathsheba Community for allowing us to host this
event and looks forward to future events in the area.

The next event will be held at Drill Hall ("Brandons") on March 19th 2011. Brandons, is a long left breaking wave
with multiple sections perfect for acrobatic maneuvers. Competitors of the series will have to dive deep into their
bag of tricks to impress the judges for a win. The battle for top positions of the Barbados Championship Series is
on! Be a part of it!

About the Barbados Surfing Association:
The Barbados Surfing Association is a registered charity of Barbados created to promote the sport of surfing in all
its forms within the island of Barbados. We will preserve sport and the unique culture surrounding it for the
public, now and into the future.
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