Behind the Scenes of The Cold Islands

The Cold Islands video series followed Yannick de Jager and Oli Adams as they journeyed north in search of flawless cold water setups. This album tells the story behind the videos, capturing the on-foot exploration, stunning scenery and crystal clear tubes that left the two protagonists brimming with stoke.

"I think because I grew up with the cold and the fresh air, it just makes me feel more at home," says the Dutch ripper, Yannick de Jager. "At the same time it's all new because every place we visit, every island we see, there's a completely different landscape."

Not content with tube hunting alone, Oli Adams hoped the trip would also showcase the potential of this region for progressive surfing. “I wanted to hit these spots on light wind days because I think we are seeing a lot of sick vids coming out of the UK and Ireland, but they are generally barrels, I really want to showcase how high performance some of our waves can be.”

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Struan Gray

Writer and Content Manager