Best Smartwatches For Surfers


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We're suckers for technology and pouring over data and that translates over to more than looking at swell charts and chasing storms. Nowadays, the humble watch has transformed how surfers can access their surf forecast and so much more. You're able to see ride time, length, conditions, hell, even have a cam track you on your session. Whatever your data vice, there's something for your wrist that'll appeal to you.

Smartwatches are continually receiving updates, better GPS, better tracking, better everything. The field's filling up with fine choices of which to adorn your wrist, so we saved you the trouble of researching by collating the best smartwatches for surfing, right here.


Powered by MSW, Weret offers an at-a-glance forecast on your wrist. You can programme this high-end looking time piece to a certain theme, whether that's waves, wind or more – you'll get an accurate report straight to the wrist. Perfect for the stuck-at-work surfer who needs to know, quickly, whether it's on. Read more about this stunning piece of jewellery slash surf dopamine hit, here.

Rip Curl SearchGPS 2

Check the surf, relive the surf, prepare for future surfs. The Rip Curl SearchGPS 2 watch does it all. You get real-time conditions and forecasts to your wrist. And once you’re done with your session, you can see how many waves you caught, track your session how fast you went, and other nifty numbers on the Rip Curl Search app.

Apple Watch

Sure, we’re fond of the Apple Watch. It’s undoubtedly the “most popular” in wearables. It’s sleek and trusted. It’s easy to use and offers the most features for your surfing life. What more do you need? And because of access to the App Store, the Apple Watch allows for a selection when it comes to how you plan and relive your surf sessions. Additionally, it comes with Apple Health, which monitors your performance and wellness right there from your wrist.


As a longtime leader in wearable fitness trackers with runners, it was only a matter of time before Garmin stepped into the water. And on July 8, 2020 Garmin introducing two watches that promised to be ideal for surfing — Instinct Solar – Surf Edition and fēnix 6 solar editions.


The biggest name in wearable fitness trackers now has your local surf forecast. With the Fitbit Versa 2 and Ionic models, you can check the forecast for up to 10 of your favourite spots and get up-to-date surf and ocean conditions. And while you’re at it, check your heart rate after scoring the wave of the day.

Nixon Mission

Strong, sleek, and steadfast. That’s the house that Nixon built its long-running cache of watches upon. And the Ultratide is no different. This watch allows you to check the waves from the comfort of your, umm, wrist. And that means real-time reports and never not knowing when the waves are good.

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