Big Hammerhead shark caught from beach at Ocean Reef Park on Singer Island

RIVIERA BEACH, FL - Beaches were closed for a third day on Singer Island as two fisherman reel in a nearly 10 foot beast. Caught at the north end of Ocean Reef Park, the fisherman released the predator back into the waters alive, after snapping a few pictures.

There have been shark sightings most of the week with packs of various varieties swimming right up to the shore. (See the chopper 5 video on the top right)

Ocean Reef Park is known by locals as being very sharky, limiting surfing crowds in the water. The reefs along with abundant fish keep the predators coming back.

Hammerheads along with spinners, reef, and bull sharks are very common off south Florida this time of year. They follow schools of migrating fish along the Florida coastline.

Hammerheads are known to migrate to warmer waters during the winter. They are the most maneuverable of all sharks and are usually bottom feeders in shallow water. They are known to attack other sharks, skates, and stingrays. They are considered potentially dangerous sharks to humans and should be treated with respect and caution. The great hammerhead shark is the largest and most aggressive of the species, which this particular shark seemed to be.

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