Big Wave Tour Opens Northern Hemisphere Waiting Period

Competitors and event organisers will no doubt be praying to the Pacific for conditions such as these.

Competitors and event organisers will no doubt be praying to the Pacific for conditions such as these.

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Winter is upon us, or at least the swell is, and on punctilious form the Big Wave World Tour has opened the waiting periods of three of its most prestigious events. On November 1st, three one day events at Nelscott Reef, Mavericks and Punta Galea were been placed on hold, each spot lying in wait for a storm with sufficient grunt.

All three events have waiting periods that extend through March 31, 2014. Offshores, extended swell periods and consistent 30ft faces are a rarity on any stretch of coast, and gathering the scattered big wave community to one spot on a few hours notice is no mean feat, but the five month window gives organisers as much time as possible to pull it off.

Jason Webb, Co-founder of tour backers Xpreshon, had this to say about the events: "We are stoked to see the start of the waiting period for the Northern Hemisphere leg of the tour. With the calibre of big wave surfers, the cracking swells expected and the ability to watch it live on your laptop or X-Box, it will be one of the industry game changing experiences in Big Wave surfing."

The three competitions officialy now in waiting are:

Arnette Punta Galea Challenge - Basque Country, Europe

Body Glove Mavericks Invitational Presented by Go Pro – Half Moon Bay, CA, USA

Seatka Pro - Nelscott Reef, Oregon, USA

Some of the distinguished names set to compete include: Greg Long, Mark Healey, Peter Mel, Jamie Sterling, Grant Baker, Carlos Burle, Shawn Dollar, Ben Wilkinson, Naxto Gonzalez, along with many more big wave chargers who will be chasing prize money, and of course the glory of being named Big Wave World Champion.

"I'm really looking forward to this winter and can't wait to see the first big swell form," said Shawn Dollar, world record holder for the biggest paddle-in wave in history. "Myself and the other big wave surfers around the world are ready and it's amazing to all be together and face these giant swells. To surf massive waves with this brotherhood of big wave surfers is truly an amazing thing.”

Tour founder Gary Linden commented on the November 1st start date saying, "Two Oceans, three venues and 24 of the World's best big wave riders hungry for giant surf. The anticipation is high for a great big wave season in the Northern Hemisphere."

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