Full Endless Winter II Trailer Drops Ahead of Global Premiere

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After five months on the road and a year in the editing bay, The Endless Winter II is ready to be unveiled at the global premiere in Biarritz on Wednesday July 12 as part of Anglet's Surf Film Festival.

The docu follows Mark 'Egor' Harris on the classic European surf trail, including stops at Mundaka, Portugal, the beachbreaks of France and a stint further south in Morocco. Along the way, Egor taps into Europe's eclectic surf culture as laid down by some of the top rippers on the continent. Including shredding Mundaka with Kepa Acero and discussing the seed of Portuguese surfing with Nick Uricchio. The full trailer has just been released, which you can watch above.

"The Endless Winter II is tracing the steps of the earliest surf pioneers who travelled across Europe in the 1960s and 70s," James Dean, the film's co-director explains.

"The main road trip has taken us from Cornwall to Morocco, via France, Spain and Portugal, but we’ve also had a few other stop-overs along the way which will really show off the diversity of Europe's surf scene. Everywhere we’ve been we’ve met with many surfers who’ve told us all about the history and evolution of the sport in their countries.”

The movie will also be screened at the Portuguese Surf Film Festival on July 27. For more information about the screenings, go HERE.

The Endless Winter crew are; Matt Crocker, James Dean, Tim Boydell, Ross McDonald, Lucia Griggi, Dave Hamill, Rob Saunders, Simon Ball, Anthony Butler, Nathan Dunn, Brian Moseley and Joe Smith.