Blow Up

BLOW UP, featuring Laurie Towner, Creed McTaggart, Granger Larsen, Ian Gentil, Ryan Callinan, Reubyn Ash, Jack Freestone. Billabong's latest venture into the gratis surf movie via the creative osmosis of Victor Pakpour.

Watch it all here in HD or download for your pleasure later. Victor reckons the standout section of the film to be Ryan Callinan and who are we to disagree? Unless big mutha maws are your bag, then the cup passes on bended knee to Laurie Towner.

Only a few years ago a movie like this would have nestled unseen by the masses, stuck to the cover of a glossy mag by that weird clear sticky/not-sticky glue, unless you forked out for a mag or nicked it off the front. Now in the 'age of free' movies are given away easier than a penny sweet.

Worryingly this makes it seem a bit simple, like 30 minutes of edge of reason surfing comes as easy as vomiting on your shoe at 3am. Free might mean good but it doesn't mean easy.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley