Bomb of the Session: Teahupoo's Godfather Raimana Van Bastolaer | May 1 2022

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“I’m back!” said Raimana Van Bastolaer after this jaw dropping, Teahupoo hyper bomb. “I’ve been waiting for this wave since 2014. I got hurt then really bad, my back. Having this wave, I’m sharing with all the Polynesians…it’s all for us. And usually you don’t take the second wave in a set like that ’cause there’s a backwash from the first one. But I’d been waiting so long that I didn’t care about the backwash. I know the backwash can take you down, but luckily I made it to the end. And you know what? Time to lose some weight.” [Laughs.] Vid by Manea Fabisch. Stay tuned for a full wrap up, soon.