BREAKING: Construction to Begin On Australia's First Surf Park

Jason Lock

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Updated 297d ago

Next month, construction will begin on Australia's first ever surf park in Melbourne, utilising the Wavegarden's revamped Cove technology – after the company responsible for it raised $28.1 million to get it built.

Do you feel a pang of excitement? A heady amount of nausea? URBNSURF will build the pool at Melbourne airport and as planning permission's already been granted – they're keen to get moving.

According to a strictly embargoed press release: “At 2.1 hectares in area, the lagoon will be similar in size to the MCG and will host up to 84 surfers per hour across six different surfing zones.

“This next-generation, state-of-the-art facility will deliver authentic, safe and convenient surfing experiences for all skill levels, year-round. With a modular, minimalist design, URBNSURF Melbourne will also feature a multi-outlet food and bar precinct, concept retail store, fully-equipped surf and hire shop, night surfing, a surfing academy, high performance coaching and training options, fitness classes, festivals and events, a beach club, and relaxing, landscaped open spaces.”

URBNSURF’s founder and executive chairman, Andrew Ross said today: “We are delighted to be bringing the southern hemisphere’s first surf park facility to Melbourne, the traditional home of Australian sport. Melbourne’s 200,000 or so existing surfers, plus all of those who want to give surfing a go, will now be able to enjoy high quality surf, year-round, and all within a 25-minute drive of the Melbourne CBD.”

And, according to URBNSURF cultural events, food and music festivals will be held at the location. URBNSURF also say the construction of the pool will “inject more than $267 million in gross economic contribution to the Melbourne region over the life of the project.” Creating an estimated 300 jobs during the time it takes to be built and 50 ongoing jobs.

The pool has a loose date of launching in Easter 2019.