Brett Barley's First Time at Skeleton Bay

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It's on every goofy-footer's bucket list. But even if you possess the required skill to tackle it, actually scoring Skeleton Bay is still a long way off. You'll need the funds, an eye for the right swell, the time and the ability to link up all of the logistics in between—getting to Namibia's Donkey Bay ain't easy.

"I first heard of Skeleton Bay back in 2007 and had been dreaming of surfing it ever since," says Brett Barley. "It appeared so perfect, so flawless, so easy that you were guaranteed the wave of your life as soon as you drop in. I was wrong about most of that. It sure can be perfect, but it is a very difficult wave to surf, and even harder to score since it rarely ever breaks.

"I won't say too much here, but Skeleton Bay is my favourite wave in the world, and going there for the first time was so incredible I wanted to try and bring that experience back with me to share with all of you. If you're curious what it's like to finally go to a place you've been dreaming of for 10 years, and score the best waves of your life, at the worlds longest barrelling left point then hit play and enjoy 14 minutes of an experience of a lifetime."

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor