British Surfer Punches Shark in the Face After Attack

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A British surfer has punched a shark in the face after it hit him on the shoulder while surfing near Sydney yesterday.

Charlie Fry, 25, says he was inspired by Mick Fanning when he felt the shark bump into him at Avoca Beach.

Charlie Fry got hit, hit back.

Charlie Fry got hit, hit back.

He said told “I turned to the right and I saw a shark’s head come out of the water with its teeth and I just punched it in the face. I got back on my board, shouted at my friends who were there and then managed to catch a wave in. So it was a bit of a close call.”

Charlie said he'd seen ol' Mick's encounter with a white at J-Bay and remembered that he'd slapped the shark in the face to get rid of it.

“When it happened, I was like, ‘just do what Mick did, just punch it in the nose’,” he said. "If you are watching or listening, Mick, I owe you a beer. Thank you very much.”

The doctor had only just arrived in Sydney to start work at a nearby hospital and speaking to, said the surf wasn't even great yesterday.

“I didn’t feel the teeth going in, it felt like I was smacked, it felt like a hand, a hand grabbing me, shaking me. It was just pure adrenaline, I genuinely thought I was going to die, like ‘you’re about to be eaten by a shark’, so everything slowed down."

And speaking to the UK's Daily Telegraph, he said: “I’ve just got here and I’ve already been attacked.”