Buy a Beer Made from Waste Bread, Help Clean Up UK Seas

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Ever wondered what happens to leftover bread from a supermarket's bakery? Gone. Shoved in the waste. But what if that still fresh bread could be transformed into a beer – with some of the proceeds going towards a UK-based charity dedicated to cleaner oceans?

It's exactly the premise behind Bread Board Pale Ale, a new beer hitting the shelves of UK-based supermarket Iceland. The beer's only going to set you back £1.80 per bottle, or three for a fiver, with 10p of each bottle going towards Surfers Against Sewage.

Specifically, SAS will use the extra cash to fund UK beach cleans and a few other initiatives to help reduce the use of single-use plastic. For years, SAS has spear-headed UK efforts to clean up our oceans, organising well-attended beach annual beach cleans across the British isles. But also, SAS has lobbied government to make real change, with last year marking the start of their plastic-free towns efforts - where they move towns to sign up to stop putting out single-use plastics.

And yes! Bread can be used to make beer, see the above video for an informative how to.

Hugo Tagholm, chief executive of Surfers Against Sewage, added­: “Iceland is really doing something special by developing a product that’s not only sustainable, but supports environmental initiatives to protect our oceans. The donations we receive from Bread Board will assist our team in tackling plastic pollution on the front line – on our tidelines and beaches nationwide – the focal point of the destruction to our marine life. They’ll also support initiatives which encourage consumers to reduce avoidable single use plastic consumption.”

Iceland’s managing director, Richard Walker, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching Bread Board with the team at Tiny Rebel Brewery. By using surplus bread in this way, we’re helping to avoid food wastage and ensuring our resources are being used to their very best potential. The fact it tastes great too is an added bonus!”

Bread Board Pal ale is available right now.