Chasing Monsters

CHASING Monsters down in Puerto Escondido. The second massive south's 30ft barrels didn't pass without incident -- David Langer recipient of a battered leg, broken in four places.

Creator of Chasing Monsters, Ken 'Skindog' Collins, plus Greg Long, Coco Nogales, Jamie Sterling, Oscar Mondcada, Rusty Long, Shawn Dollar and Maya Gabiera hit-up Mexico's wave of consequence for the biggest swell of the season.

"In Puerto Escondido you've gotta go through Hell's Kitchen even to get to the wave" Says Skindog with Shawn Dollar claiming it as heavy as Mavericks when it gets like this. Here there is no escape route, no safe zone at size... with this much water moving you can drown a few feet from sandy safety.

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Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley