Chasing Typhoon Soulik in Taiwan

JOEL Agostino chased the swell from Typhoon Soulik down the East Coast of Taiwan on July 10 to 12th - attempting to slot himself into the Goldilocks Zone of maximum swell and minimum wind in the lee of this destructive Category 4 storm.

It's a battle with your conscience when you watch a storm like this bring so much sorrow and destruction to people, but at the same time bring us as surfers so much joy. I guess all we can do is try to find the best in every situation and go along for the ride.

Photos/captions/adventure: Joel Agostino of

Soulik in numbers:

- Highest wind speed: 230 kmh / 145 mph
- Taiwan saw 4 deaths and 123 injured
- At least 295 people have been confirmed dead or missing in China
- Some 300,000 people have evacuated from Eastern China
- Torrential rains toppled more than 1,000 houses in Guangdong, China