Chelsea Tuach Dazzles Outside of Contest Jersey

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Last year, Chelsea Tuach became the first ever surfer from Barbados to qualify for the CT.

Her surfing; stylish and buttery yet, the rookie-life is a tough-as-all-hell grind. But now, Chelsea's returned, having stepped outside of the competitive circuit, pouring time into travelling and sampling the delights of foreign waters. And, in the above edit, how's that tube at 25 seconds in?!

“The idea to create the Wandering series came from three desires,” Chelsea tells MSW. “The first, was a desire to step away from my competitive lifestyle. To find a place with great waves, where I could let go of any contest thoughts, reconnect with the ocean and simply surf with my heart.

“The second desire, was a chance to slow down and enjoy every aspect of a new place; the waves, food, culture and people. Something I forget to do when I'm competing.

“And finally, I desired to document these trips. I wanted to inspire others to live with their hearts and nurture their passions. It was my opportunity to create a female surf video, one that inspires young girls and gives viewers a change from the usual surf content.

Wandering Indonesia was made possible by Suzuki Caribbean and is the first episode of the series. I hope you enjoy.”

Cover shot: Mark Harris