Chelsea Tuach Wandering Free in El Salvador

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Here's the feel good edit that you need right now, featuring Chelsea Tuach, all part of the former CT shredder's Wandering series, focusing on nothing but good vibes in some pristine locales.

This time, Chelsea's in El Salvador (go HERE for part 1 in Indo), immersing in local culture and delights.

“I wanted to film part two of the Wandering series in El Salvador because it's my go-to spot for surf trips and times when I want to escape and reset,” Miss Tuach tells MSW.

“It's where I went for my first trip, in all all girls shoot for ESM magazine. The waves were perfect and I remember paddling out the first day, with six other girls and wondering what the locals would think of the instant crowd... but once they realised we could surf, they were happy to let us catch all of the waves we pleased.

“I've always experienced happy and welcoming vibes ad I think that's why I love it so much. It's the wonderful combination of pumping surf, rice, beans and laid back locals. The wifi is usually spotty which just gives you the excuse to leave your laptop closed and slip into the delightful routine of surf, eat, nap, repeat.

Wandering El Salvador shows the moments where I just do that. Where I let go and have fun in one of my favourite surf destinations. It's playful and carefree and I hope it makes you just to go surf. It was made possible by Suzuki Caribbean.”