Chris Bertish is Three Days Away From Making History

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Chris Bertish has almost completed the first ever solo transatlantic SUP paddle, after more than 80 days at sea and breaking three world records.

If you haven't been following the big wave hellman's story, then now's the time to take notice as Chris is about three days from touching land. His journey began in Morocco and has traversed almost 5,000-miles across the Atlantic aiming for Antigua. With less than 200 nautical miles left to go, it's hoped Chris will arrive at English Harbour on March 9, marking the end of his historic journey.

Chris is posting semi-regular updates to social media, the latest from earlier today: ''It's now midnight on the 5th March. Pretty exhausted, paddled pretty much non stop today from daylight till just after dark, like doing an ironman, except I don't have the luxury of changing disciplines to give my other muscles a rest.

''It's tough at the moment as I know I have to get as many miles as possible, but also I have to get North, in anticipation of the changing wind in a couple days time.

''All the obstacles and challenges along this journey to get through until now, has taken every strain of strength snd courage I have available to me, to get through it physically, mentally, and emotionally, but I'm four days from the finish and we are gong to finish this. My responsibility to you, to the millions of little kids we helping and to myself is immense and we will follow it through till the end.''

Closing in on Antigua, Chris' epic voyage is almost complete.

Closing in on Antigua, Chris' epic voyage is almost complete.

As well as charging big waves and overcoming the nuances of an Atlantic crossing, Chris is a motivational speaker – his mantra being not to believe in the word impossible. The trip's taken five years to plan and has seen Chris paddle around 37.5-miles a day. The physical and mental toll is mindblowing.

But It didn't take long for Chris to start breaking records. In the process of passing the Canary Islands and heading out across the Atlantic Chris broke numerous world records: On December 13 he passed 193 miles, breaking the world record for a solo, unsupported, open ocean paddle. On 22 December he became the first person to paddle 300 miles and every paddle stoke extends that record.

And, more recently, Chris set the 24-hour paddle record twice in two days, crossing a distance of 62.55nm on his six metre long ImpiFish craft.

The reason for doing so? All donations are going to charity and you can do so by going HERE.