Chuck Norris Surfs Nazare in a Truck

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Well, bet you weren't expecting to see Chuck Norris drive a Toyota down the face of a macking Nazare bomb today. But oh aren't the nuance of digital manipulation many.

This dropped into our inbox from Pedro Miranda, documenter of such colossal Nazare goings-on, with the attached: “Surfing has definitely found it's way to TV Advertising, but when it comes to Big "over-the-top" Advertising nothing beats Nazaré, except maybe: Chuck Norris riding a Nazaré bomb on a 4x4 Toyota Tacoma.

“This time around, Norris is selling the Toyota Tacoma, billed in the spot as being “tough as Chuck.” Saatchi and Saatchi thankfully skips the tropes of spinning kicks and “Chuck Norris facts,” instead creating an enjoyably bizarre scenario where Norris’ signature imbues a truck with the power to surf giant Nazaré (at second 00:36-00:40 of the video), climb trees and (of course) defeat criminals in hand-to-door combat.”

Take from it what you will, ads that trivialise surfing the world's biggest wave? Or all in good fun? You be the judge.