Code Red: Watch 5 Rides at Maxing Mexpipe

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We knew that Code Red 2 swell would hit Mexico. We also knew there was a solid crew on the ground at Puerto Escondido, aka Mexpipe, including Greg Long, Tom Lowe, Kurt Rist and many more. But what happened over the past few days is emblematic of the tricky season Puerto's having right now.

“It was a challenging swell,” said Big Apple charger Kurt Rist about July 19 and 20 out in Mex. “A lot of big close outs and then the occasional gem. The potential was definitely there, I think we just had a little bit of bad luck with the high tide falling in the morning creating a lot of backwash. It definitely took a lot of patience and a bit more searching through different parts of the beach to find decent ones. I caught one wave a day this swell, but always worth it.”

Live cam: Puerto Escondido

You see, like Kurt says, the swell came good. But it was also big and boxey and packed with impressive-looking avocado-shaped Mexi-barrels. Just look at Greg Long's keg in the vid above! And Jamie Whittens' dream view. “It was the biggest of the season so far,” says lensperson Edwin Morales. “It's just that, the jetty definitely has gathered way too much sand on three beaches now; the harbour, Marinero and now Zicatela [home of Puerto Escondido] it's very noticeable because the waves are almost like a shorebreak, super close to the beach.”

And, did it feel of more magnitude, given Code Red 2 drama? “Yeah, everyone took it pretty serious,” said Kurt. “Big wave guns, flotation, we were all expecting some bomb rouge sets, and there definitely were a few.”

The thing is though, a challenging day and making a wave out there at Puerto Escondido, at this size, teeters on the brink of maddening and soul-fulfilling. And who are we to define what this day meant for those legends who took a swing at it. Here's five waves from a Code Red day that'll make you go 'oooo' and probably 'ARGH' as Javier Ramirez gets his whole body squished under a hugely impressive closeout.

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