How to Cope with Flat Spells

Frank Zirger

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Every now and then, the urge to get in the water builds to an unmanageable level. When all you can think about is surfing, from dawn to dusk, when you close your eyes you see sets stacking up, when you sleep, your dreams are occupied by A-frames. In your stomach, you feel a physical longing for the water, with Hulk like consequences for anyone that gets in you way. We know, we’ve been there.

Now this isn’t necessarily a major issue for those that can just mosey on down to the beach and satisfy that burning desire with a quick surf, but when Mother Nature calls time, even they will suffer. Long periods without surf can have serious effect on those of us who rely on regular hits of our favourite pass-time. Although nothing can truly compare to actually surfing in actual waves, we’ve attempted to come up with some avenues of easing those tormenting withdrawal symptoms produced by flat spells.

1. Outdoor Exercise
Good old endorphins. That natural high that just makes you feel healthier, happier, and all round better off. Whether it's skating, swimming, slack-lining, paddle-boarding, running or anything else that gets the blood pumping, this should temporarily alleviate your yearning for surf, and if you choose your activities wisely you can improve your surf fitness for when those waves start to appear again. The vitamin D you can absorb from being out in the sun is also crucial for fighting off those depressing flat spells.

2. Self Improvement
Read a book, learn a language, fix an old car, learn to play an instrument. If you can get into that motivated zone of concentration, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, and how good it feels to strengthen and flex that intellectual muscle. Also you may just forget about the still, calm, infuriating ocean.

3. Accumulate Brownie Points
Do favours for people, put in extra hours at work, spend some quality time with the significant other, pop round to your mum's for a cuppa. Then, when the surf does finally arrive you can run straight down to the ocean and surf to your heart’s content guilt-free.

4. Don’t Get Wasted
We know it’s tempting. For some of you, no dawnie means staying up until 4am drinking port and watching the Hollyoaks omnibus. But that crushing hangover will only add to your despair, ruin your health, and ruin your wallet.

5. Mindsurf
Watch surf movies, look at surf mags, and just imagine yourself surfing. Visualise yourself shredding, and it might just make you shred better the next time you get in the water. WARNING: This may actually make you want to surf more, therefore aggravating you further.

6. Practice Patience
This one isn’t really a choice, you have to wait, that’s all there is to it. Become like a monk, deep breaths and meditation. Know that waves will come again and be thankful that you’ve the opportunity to surf them when they arrive.

Frank Zirger

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