Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart and the Top Hits of 2016

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How many Hyptos can you spot at your local nowadays? It's a game I like to play ever since my 5'10 was so cruelly zinged over rocks by a colleague here at MSW HQ and is now sat on the rack, retired (until it gets repaired *coughs* Tom).

But it sure does open your eyes to the power of virality that Mr Hayden Cox generated throughout 2015/2016 (see how many HKs you can spot, let me know!) And right here is perfect testament to that, as we see Haydenshapes team riders Craig Anderson, Creed McTaggart, Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler and more relive some of the more memorable moments from the year past. Part monochromatic, part tubes, part Ando's tell-tale stance wrapped up in this four minute high performance package.