Cyclone Dineo Ruined More Than Dion Agius' Surf Trip, And Now He Needs Your Help

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Tofo, Mozambique can be a paradise. Spotless, golden sands touched only by azure blue lines wrapping in from the Indian Ocean. It's where Dion Agius embarked upon his most recent surf trip describing its waves and crystal clear waters as amazing. But that feeling of scoring somewhere new was sharply shutdown by the destructive arrival of Cyclone Dineo.

"Two weeks ago I got caught in the middle of one of the worst cyclones to hit Mozambique in recent history," Dion tells us. "We were in the small town of Tofo and copped the direct force of the Cyclone. The roof of our house was torn off and we were forced to hide in the basement all night while our house and the surrounding villages were destroyed.

"The locals of Tofo are some of the most beautiful people I have been lucky enough to meet and they live mostly in tiny wooden huts that didn't stand a chance against the 180km winds with most of their houses destroyed. I am yet to see any media in Australia cover this devastating event so I wanted to do what I could to help raise some awareness and help these amazing people get back on their feet."

And so Dion did. He stayed behind after the cyclone to interview locals and produce this short film to help raise awareness. He's also started a gofundme page to assist the people of Tofo and get roofs back over their heads. So, if you feel like lending a hand, take a look at a few photos below and then go HERE.

Craig Murch

MSW Content Editor