ALAN Wilson's Dagdraumer, featuring Jack Johns, a visual ode to an under-the-radar passion.

Passion is the driving force for anyone who dedicates their life to the world of action sports. Sometimes that passion can bring the rewards of worldwide acclaim, titles and money. This, however, isn't everyone's story; a lot of people follow their passion without any hint of a reward other than the reward of doing what they love. This is the story that, filmmaker, Allan Wilson wants to tell in Dagdraumer.

The sixth entry in the Relentless Energy Drink Short Stories Competition, the film Stars bodyboarder Jack Johns and is a stunning visual poem about those who put everything into what they love, working long stints in the city to be able to fund jaunts to the sea and focus on their boarding.

In his own words, Allan wanted to create "a surreal, dreamlike glimpse into life as a bodyboarder, a more than often overlooked element of the surfing world." Dagdraumer (an Icelandic word for day dreaming) is a wordless journey into the salt as Allan's distinctive camera style captures both the cold bleakness of the city, and the panoramic beauty of the sea.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley