Daily snap – January 10th

I was really happy today to get back out on the beach taking pictures. It's been ages ! The see was steaming and fairly decent swell lines were rolling through this morning, absolutely marvellous. There were a few guys out at the main beach but nobody in-front of where I live. I decided to head back home to get my camera and hopefully come back to get some nice shots.
I got my camera, walked over the dunes, the mist was completely gone and there were 10-ish guys out. Great.
I set up my tripod, stuck my camera in Shutter Priority mode, AI Servo and snapped away.
The waves weren't huge but they were definitely punchy. Some guys got slammed, some pulled in, some got slammed and some pulled in and made it out. The guy in this picture on the left got the best barrel of the session. As you can see with the spray it wasn't a small mushy wave. He took off, pulled in, pumped and pumped and got spat out the end. Awesome !
Out of 950 shots I got 11 that aren't that bad. Head over to http://nicochapman-surf.blogspot.com/ and check them out.