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If you are a Dane Reynolds fan—and it’s hard not to be—you probably associate him more with rippable point breaks and puntable beachies than you do with heavy water. But Dane isn’t afraid to pack bombs in Hawaii, and each year around this time we tend to see a few clips of him navigating a slabby sections at Backdoor.

This year, unfortunately, during Dane’s annual trip to the North Shore, Backdoor ended up getting the better of him. During the last run of swell, Dane got smoked by a heavy one and compressed on the shallow reef. He bruised his tailbone and fractured a vertebrae, then took to social media to let his throngs of fans know that he’s alright.

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“Either u get blown out and u feel so rad and proud and stoked, or u get an elevator drop to the reef and bruise your tailbone and crack a vertebrae…such a fine line that defines your future when you take a wave at Pipe!” said Dane via Instragram. “I got absolutely dominated last week.”

Although Dane was fortunate enough to walk away from the incident without any major long-term damage, his injuries are nothing to make light of. The fractured vertebrae will likely put him out of the water for a few months, and the bruised tailbone will mean sitting on a donut-shaped cushion if he plans to spend any time in front of his laptop editing clips. In the meantime, here’s wishing Dane a speedy recovery, and hoping that Marine Layer Productions drops another edit sometime soon.

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