Dave Rastovich: "Save Clarence River!"

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The coastal community of Clarence River in Australia's New South Wales is under threat from a controversial plan that could see it mined and dammed up. That river is home to surfers, paddlers, fishermen, kayakers and a whole realm of ocean enthusiasts.

Dave Rastovich is onboard and helping to raise awareness about the potential dangers that this work could cause. A petition has been launched to protect the coastline and the river. You can download it here. “If mining were to proceed”, the petition reads, “it would impose unacceptable risks to the health of local waterways, specifically the Mann River, Clarence River and their tributaries, which are home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.” And you can see the kinda punchy wave off the breakwater at Clarence River from the cover shot of this piece and below.

Forecast: Clarence River

“I have a special place in my heart for this corner of our watery planet,” says Nathan Oldfield, who shot the above clip to help mount a campaign about the proposed mining. “I know that many other surfers, river folk and beach people out there feel the same.” Nathan's a name you might know, he shot the excellent surf movie The Church of the Open Sky. Hit play for more info.