Deep at Dungeons

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This is what happens when a five metre swell with an 18 second period surged over one of the world's most beautiful big wave reefs.

On this historic day, John John Florence and Albee Layer were among the brave few to take on the South African beast that is Dungeons.

The wave of the day went to Albee Layer, who backdoored a cavernous section and rode out clean. "I don't know what to say about that wave," Layer told us "It was extremely lucky, what else is there to say about it? [laughs] I had to catch a flight right after that wave. The swell was supposed to just keep building and I'm sure it got pretty crazy."

Featuring Twiggy Baker, John John Florence, Albee Layer, Frank Solomon, Mike Schlebach, Andy Marr, Simon Lowe and others.