Derek Hynd Solo Paddle at J-Bay after Shark Attack – Likens Mick Fanning to Bamm-Bamm

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As the world watched the aftermath of the Mick Fanning shark attack, a lone surfer could be seen stroking confidently up the point intent on capitalising on the empty, perfect and sharky surf.

Arch protagonist of the finless revolution, Hynd who starred in Andrew Kidman’s Litmus is renowned for his freewheeling thought process (just listen to him talk) waited an hour before paddling out on his 11'6". He'd seen the shark on the webcast and Mick's response, likening the reaction to Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones.

He blames the cage diving operations for bringing the sharks into the shore but knows how many there are you don't see. After all surfers co-exist with sharks a heck of a lot more frequently than they clash.