Diamante Negro - Easter Island with Kohl Christensen

DIAMANTE Negro is a three part Odyssey, but luckily we have it here in full. Kohl Christensen's plans to surf a huge south swell in Tahiti take an unexpected turn for the better when he lands on Easter Island and decides to embark on a wholly different adventure.

Part I: Rather than try and surf the Code Red swell at Teahupoo with the rest of the world, Kohl opted for a return to a place he is familiar with but the rest of the world is less so. A mystical land with a hidden past, one which offers a warning to our current world of the consequences of rapacious development. It's also home to wild untamed waves with (as Kohl would discover) the potential to match anywhere for size and ferocity.

Part 1

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Part II: Kohl Christensen gets reacquainted with the surf on Rapa Nui where he lived in the mid 1990s. “It’s you, some statues, and cows and horses walking around. You’re out in the middle of nowhere.”

Part 2

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Part III: A big south swell arrives at Easter Island and Kohl Christensen paddles out into "triple black diamond" surf in the final episode of this series and discovers the island's hidden face.

Part 3

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Ed Temperley

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