Discidium - Italy and Beyond with Roberto D'Amico

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Italy is teeming with perfect setups, but unfortunately they are seldom dealt a solid helping of groundwell. This leads the local surfing population to take regular trips beyond Mediterranean waters in search of more potent pressure charts. We briefly caught up with one such wayfarer, Roberto D'Amico, to learn about his latest adventures.

What's was the idea behind this latest project? Did you set out with a plan?

Discidium is a Latin word, it means Split/Contrast. In the movie there are so many different waves from Italy to Hawaii, France, Canary, Portugal and Morocco. We had a lot of footage from all over and decided to put it together, the result was DISCIDIUM (a contrast of images).

How does your homeland compare with the places you've travelled to with regards to surfing?

Italy is not the best place in the world for surfing, it’s very inconsistent and flat most of the time. The coast looks like it was designed for waves. Good swells don’t come very often but when it comes it gets unbelievable. I just think about surfing as much as I can. When I travel is completely different, I know I will surf every day. There are always guys better than me in the water which means that I’m learning something.

A mighty punt from one of Italy's finest.

A mighty punt from one of Italy's finest.

Can you pick out any highlights from your recent travels?

My highlight from the year was definitely the last part around Europe. I had a great opportunity to share a month surfing and filming with Nick Rozsa, he’s one of my favourite surfers. Spending some time with him helped my surfing a lot. Many thanks to Reef for the opportunity, and Chris Papaleo for filming us.

Roberto showing off some interesting board art.

Roberto showing off some interesting board art.

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