Dive n' Surf Oregon Pro Goes Live Today

Nelscott Reef in Oregon will today host the fifth stop of the Big Wave World Tour. Live coverage of the finals starts at 4:30 PST, beamed out via a mass of media outlets, including divensurf.com and the Universal Sports Network. We've posted the BWWT press release below.

“The Big Wave World Tour brings together the most courageous and skilled watermen to compete on some of the world’s biggest waves,” said Universal Sports’ SVP of Digital Media and Strategic Partnerships Edward Derse (a frankly absurd title). “We are excited to bring the Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro and the waves at Nelscott Reef to a national television audience live for the first time.”

This year’s Event will start with a one-hour long Women’s Super Heat to include Keala Kennelley, Wrenna Delgado, Savannah Shaughnessy, Paige Alms, Mercedes Madaina, Jamila Star, Bianca Valenti and Andrea Moller. This is the first time in history that the world will watch the top female big wave athletes compete in big waves via a live HD webcast and highlights to be aired nationally on television by Universal Sports Network.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to showcase for the very first time the world’s top female athletes as they battle Nelscott Reef and each other for the Women’s Super Heat Title,” said Xpreshon founder Christian Spadnardi.

If you are in Lincoln City and want to watch the event in person, there is no parking at the beach or along Coast Ave. Please park in the back lot of the Tanger Outlet Mall and walk down to the beach access at Canyon's Park. The Women's Super Heat will start at 9am PST, followed by the Men's event at 11am. A pair of binoculars is suggested.


1 Greg Long, USA
2 Jamie Sterling, HAW
3 Peter Mel, USA
4 Carlos Burle, BRA
5 Ken Collins, USA
6 Gabriel Villaran, PERU
7 Zach Wormhoudt, USA
8 Ben Wilkinson, AUS
9 Joao de Macedo, POR
10 Ramon Navarro, CHILE
11 Jeff Rowley, AUS
12 Alex Martins, BRA
13 Mark Healey, HAW
14 Kohl Christensen, HAW
15 Shawn Dollar, USA
16 Grant Baker, SA
17 Alex Gray, USA
18 Nic Lamb, USA
19 Aaron Ungerleider, HAW
20 Jose Gomez, PERU
21 Keith Galbraith, OR, USA
22 Tony Perez, OR, USA
23 Jeremy Rasmussen, OR, USA
24 George Desoto, OR, USA

Women's Super Heat Invitees

Keala Kennelly, HAW
Mercedes Maidana, ARG
Wrenna Delgado, USA
Savannah Shaughnessy, USA
Paige Alms, HAW
Jamilah Star, USA
Bianca Vallenti, USA
Andrea Moller, BRA