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Live From The Green Room is on, bringing live, exclusive music directly to you. Our first artist needs little introduction. Professional surfer, international musician and man of exceptional facial hair, we give you Donavon Frankenreiter. We caught up with Donavon on the beach at Tunes in the Dunes festival, UK, for our first acoustic session.


Donavon's surfing career started in San Clemente, California at just 15, when Billabong recognised his surfing talent with a free surfing sponsorship that has spanned 27 years. A true ambassador of the sport, Donavon's almost endless quiver reflects his attitude to surfing. Asked about his favourite wave, his response: "wherever I can catch one" sums him up. At the age of 42, Donavon is still undoubtedly world-class, his style setting the standard for retro, soulful surfing.

His music career started with a move to Hawaii, renting a house from Jack Johnson's parents. As Jack exploded onto the scene in the early 2000s, Donavon followed suit with his self titled album in 2004. Always melodic, mellow and upbeat, you can't go far wrong with a bit of Donny when the sun's out.

Donavon's latest album, Start Livin' is available here. A nine track collection of folk infused songs, it's another foray into his laid back acoustic style and thick vocals. His new album, The Heart is out on the 4th August. If you like the sound of that, follow Donavon on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit his website.

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