Dropping Today June 24: Volcom's New Movie 'Lobotomy'


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The last time we spoke with Ryan Thomas, the California filmmaker and Volcom content director was neck-deep in post on the cinematic odyssey, Psychic Migrations, which ended up being the most evocative surf movie many of us had seen in a very long time. That was 2015, and after that… well, things got weird. Social media edits advanced, premiere parties retreated, and the surf film festival circuit stayed neutral somewhere in the middle.

Our trusted Volcom informant Richie Olivares informed us that, “the film is made up of ‘quarantine clips’ and is a return to the old Veeco films we all know and love,” which admittedly conjured images of Veeco classics like Stoney Baloney and Alive We Ride. But then RT set us straight.

Lobotomy trailer

“When Richie said it was a return to the old films, he meant that in terms of the energetic tone and the incorporation of handmade elements,” RT asserted. “However, since there won’t be any lifestyle or scenics, which the old movies are full of, we shouldn’t say that Lobotomy will be like them.”

Understood. A full-tilt, all-killer-no-filler surf movie — complemented with a LIVE Happening/premiere on Twitch at 11pm GMT, Thursday, June 24th. “Red carpet at their skate park, bands, product giveaways,” Olivares revealed. “The whole shebang but virtual. Twitch is just another way for us to connect with our fans and have fun. We miss doing physical events, so Twitch allowed us to create Volcom Live Happenings and basically throw a digital party.” (Note: you don’t wanna miss it — the premiere is actually live, no rewinds, and will be gone once it’s over; the film will be released to the public in early July.)

Meanwhile, being the perfectionist filmmaker that he is, RT is all about the anti-hype, preferring to keep a tight lid on the project as to not undermine the froth factor at the big premiere. So at this point, we can’t really know what to expect. All we know is Noa Deane’s latest psycho edit Flipper Clip (see below) is apparently a mere B-roll for Lobotomy, and the movie also features Stone A-teamers Jack Robinson, Yago Dora, Ryan Burch, Balaram Stack and Ozzie Wright.

However, RT did humor us with this: “In a frothing departure from travel scenics, lifestyle and ‘athlete’ interviews, Lobotomy plunges headlong into a relentless visual assault of surf and only surf action set entirely to the ear-bending music of Frankie and the Witch Fingers. A nonstop cinematic climax that ought to leave surf fanatics in a puddle of drool, and other matter, both real and imagined.”