Dusty Payne Suffers Horror Wipeout at Backdoor

Jason Lock

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Updated 286d ago

Maui's Dusty Payne suffered a serious wipeout yesterday, hitting the reef at Backdoor and taking five waves on the head, spending one minute 20 seconds under water.

“I was paddling out and saw [Dusty’s wipeout],” Jimmy “Ulu Boi” Napeahi told Freesurf Magazine. “I knew that was a bad place to fall, and I was looking and looking once Keoki yelled, I beelined towards them. I caught a wave and it took me right to Dusty.

“I pulled on his leash, swam down, grabbed him and straddled his legs around my waist. Keoki (Saguibo, North Shore lensman), who was keeping his neck straight, kept saying “we got you, it’s going to be ok” and that calmed me down. Once we got to the beach, everyone was there and we let the lifeguards, the professionals, do their job.”

Dusty was then resuscitated on the beach and rushed to hospital. It's understood he's in a stable condition.