Eastern Winds

WEDNESDAY, May 16th, the day La Graviere woke up breaking the drought. Keen as mustard Aritz Aranburu spent the day tunnelling deep along the La Grav sandbank

"It was a NW swell." Said Aritz "It was supposed to being pumping 1.8 metre waves but some sets were bigger. The period was 11 seconds, perfect for the sand at Les Landes, high swell periods can turn it into big closeouts. The offshore light Eastern Winds definitely improved conditions!"

Any Eastern Atlantic surfer plugged into the global surf nexus has been enduring a month of famine, biting your fingers to the quick whilst Australia the States, Indo and seemingly pumped every day. Occasional bumps of hope turning into flaccid disappointment. If this were a real famine the UN would have been trucking up and down the coast handing out bags of stoke and performing emergency surf hair procedures on the famished hordes.

The charts still aren't looking 'all time' but at least there are a few ripples of the Atlantic horizon.

Ed Temperley

MSW editor. Instagram @edtemperley