Environmental Beach Clean Up 2008-09

Before ... What a mess

Before ... What a mess

ON November 19th 2008, Smiling Surfing & Mantra Surf Club funded and organized an environmental beach cleanup in Mulki, South India. Local volunteers and the members of Mantra Surf Club rallied together and spent an entire day cleaning the beach in front of their home surf break.

Mulki Beach of South India, had been littered with an enormous amount of trash from the previous monsoon season consisting of plastic bags, plastic bottles, sandals, styrofoam pieces, and fisherman nets. With every monsoon season trash from neighboring cities washes up and gets scattered along the beaches.

Finally this year with the support of Smiling Surfing and the members of Mantra Surf Club, we were able to help make one beach in South India a lot cleaner and more pleasant for the wildlife, locals, and surfers. The event was also an important educational experience for the local youth who are growing up amidst a global environment crisis. Smiling Surfing and the members of Mantra Surf Club plan on organizing more environmental beach cleanups for various beaches of India in 2009 because the trash keeps floating in from the ocean.

If we had a rupee for every shoe and plastic bottle we picked up on the beach we would be millionaires! Does anyone know how to convert this trash into cash? Suggestions welcome.