Euro Strike Round 2: Nazare and South Spots Set to Explode?


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  • Storm force wind currently in North Atlantic.
  • Second disturbance to develop on system's flank by tomorrow, generating strong wind and pulsing swell.
  • Expect Friday to be best surf window for southern areas, including Nazare.
  • Well, just as the remnants of Hurricane Oscar are forgotten, another large pulse of swell is hurtling into the North Atlantic.

    Oscar ended up delivering the opening session for Mully (see HERE) and mid-sized waves for Nazare. Not all time, but it looks like this latest run of swell could be set to rumble Portugal with a cast of your favourite big wave riders already poised at Praia do Norte.

    Nazare's chart for Friday. Wind looks promising in the morning. See the full data Nazare.

    Nazare's chart for Friday. Wind looks promising in the morning. See the full data Nazare.

    “A broad, complex area of low pressure has been dominating the North Atlantic over the last few days. A particularly strong peripheral disturbance developed on its northwest flank off Cape Farewell on Tuesday, resulting in an area of storm-force northwest winds in the mid North Atlantic,” says MSW forecaster Tony Butt (see the chart HERE) “This moves slowly east over the next 24 hours before weakening just west of Ireland.

    “Over the next few days the main system will continue to dominate, with a second disturbance developing on its southern flank around midday Thursday. This will move eastwards, generating strong winds from a southwest quarter in mid-areas on Friday and over the weekend.

    “The main bulk of the long-period swell will head southeast, hitting Galicia by late Thursday afternoon and quickly propagating into Portugal and Biscay overnight. Some long-period swell will swipe Ireland, hitting early Thursday and persisting throughout the day.

    “In southern areas, Friday morning sees the best window for surf and wind conditions. Expect wave heights to hit 15 feet or more at exposed reefs in northern Spain and Portugal, with Nazaré well over 20 feet. Winds are light south or southwest for a while in the morning, quickly increasing to fresh or strong later.

    “Further north in southwest England, west and northwest Ireland, the main swell will arrive on Thursday morning. Westerly exposures in Ireland will exceed 15 feet, while the full strength of the swell will struggle to reach northwest-facing spots, particularly in the north. Winds will be moderate to fresh south or southwest for most of the time.”