EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Epic Indo Strike Mission of a Lifetime with Nic Von Rupp and Nate Behl

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As we alluded to earlier today, Nic Von Rupp's latest edit is all about that trip from Kandui to scoring pumping, empty Greenbush and Macaroni's. If you haven't seen the images yet, my oh my, go here. Now, the Von Froth has released the footage from that mission, which took place last week. Look, if you thought the images were insane (which they are...) then the footage is absolutely mind-blowing. Seriously. This cut begins with Nic and Nate sorting plans but skip to the 6 minutes 30 seconds mark for an all-out barrel fest - with no one else around.

Not a bad birthday treat for Nic, huh?! "People think that scoring good waves is all about showing up and scoring, but it's a really thin line between actually scoring good waves and spending a ton of money and not getting anything," said NVR.

"On the last big south swell we had to make a tough call between leaving behind pumping 8-10ft Bank Vaults and getting into a six hour canoe ride into the eye of a storm to score some epic Greenbush with not a soul out. It's those last minute decisions that make or break, it's leaving the comfortable and roaming into the uncomfortable. What an epic journey to spend my birthday, one to be remembered." Just hit play. This is next level stuff. Cover shot by Margarita Salyak.